Online Ticket Sales FAQ

  1. Click the link to the ticket order page on the home page at
  2. Click on the gray button to pull up the seating chart for the show you want. Once the seating chart appears, click on the RED seats ONCE, as multiple clicking will only select and deselect the seat. The selected seat will turn yellow.
  3. Your seat selections will appear directly below the seating chart.
  4. Follow check out process with email address, name, credit card information, then click on the “Place My Order button”. You should know immediately if your order completes or fails.
  5. After your sale is complete, you will immediately get your tickets to print.

Make sure you have javascript enabled in your browser. Here is a helpful link on how to enable javascript for the browser you are using. How to enable javascript . Still have problems, contact us at .

No. With this new system, no login is required.

After you have picked your tickets for your first show, BEFORE CHECKING OUT, go back to the gray buttons and click on your next desired show. Follow the same process in picking your seats. When you are all done, proceed to the check out process.

Ticket sales will be staggered for the first 2 days with Show 1 going on sale, Monday, November 15th, 6:00 pm. Show 2 going on sale,Tuesday, November 16th, 6:00 pm.

With our new process, as soon as your sale is complete, you will immediately get your tickets to print. You will also get an email, usually within 5 minutes, with a link to print your tickets.

Go ahead and order the tickets for the show you want, then let us know IMMEDIATELY, by contacting us at, and let us know, in detail, which tickets you need a refund on and we will release those seats and issue a refund.

We apologize for the problem. Try a different browser, clear your cookies. If that fails, please contact us with the details of the issue at

If your order fails, you will immediately be given an error message in a yellow box (i.e. empty fields such as email, or name, or expired credit card). Before completing the missing or incorrect information, you MUST go back and click on the gray buttons to re-load your picked tickets. Follow the directions in the yellow box, then proceed to check out.

As long as you don’t close your browser or session, your seats will be held until midnight of the same day. After midnight, all unsettled tickets will be release back for sale.

You will lose any seats you have chosen and will have to start all over.

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More Questions?

If you still have questions or are experiencing issues with your ticket purchase, contact us.