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Aladdin Recital Auditions for special parts will be held January 15

All students in levels Apprentice-Elite are invited to audition for special roles in this year’s recital, Aladdin! Auditions will be held January 15th at the Saddle Rock Studio. Please come 15-20 minutes early for your audition to get your number and warm-up. Ladies should wear a black or dark leotard and pink or white tights for ballet auditions and can add black leggings or black jazz shorts for other auditions. Please audition for all possible parts for your level, regardless of your preference.

Not able to make it to auditions? You can still turn in this form and get placed in a group part based on your level, or coordinate an audition with Miss Renee prior to the 15th.

12:45-1:30 Apprentice/Novice/Protege - Ballet/Jazz
1:30-2:15 Premier/Intermediates - Ballet/Jazz
2:15-3:00 Intermediate thru Elite - Hip Hop
3:00-4:00 Advanced A/B -Ballet/Jazz (Flat ballet unless on pointe for at least 1 year)
4:00-4:30 Advance A/B/Elite - Tap
4:30-5:30 Elite - Ballet/Jazz

You may be asked to stay to audition at a higher level

Audition Form See for more details.

Sign up online:
Aladdin Audition Apprentice/Novice/Protege
Aladdin Audition Premier/Intermediate B/J
Aladdin Audition Hip Hop Intermediate thru Elite
Aladdin Audition Advanced A/B Ballet/Jazz
Aladdin Audition Advanced A/B thru Elite Tap
Aladdin Audition Elite Ballet/Jazz