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Fall Child Photography Nutcracker Pictures Available

Miller's Family,

Thank you so much for the opportunity to photograph your children this past weekend, it was an honor to meet so many of your kids and capture your memories of the 2016 Nutcracker.

You can now order images online. The process should be fairly straightforward and there is a guide on the website you can watch to help you through the ordering process. If you have any questions, you can email me at or call me at 720.495.5881. Please hold off on any phone calls until Monday, I will be out of the office through the Christmas weekend.

Visit this link
  and enter the password: jazzhands2016

Your photos are separated by section, unless you children took a photo with a friend/sibiling who were not in the same costume. Those images you can find in the "Sibling" area. All photos of the main cast (who had their photos taken the prior Saturday) are in that folder and not separated by their cast parts. Remember; if your children are older, they may have opted not to have their photos taken. If you are wondering where your child's photos are- please check with them first if they were photographed before contacting me about missing photos.

Please note; a poster WILL be available. There is a preview of this poster, but it is not finished yet (characters need to still be moved around so everyone's feet fit on the poster). You can pre-order the poster though this same site.
  Have a wonderful holiday season!

-Dominique Gildea

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