Parker Summer Schedule

2014 Summer Schedule Notes

Hampden & Parker

8 weeks. Jun 23rd - Aug 16th, 2014.

Saddle Rock

9 weeks. Jun 16th - Aug 16th, 2014.

Summer Session Notes

  • We will be using a card system for all classes. You must have a card when attending classes and register for specific classes. Each dancer must have their own card.
  • The combined total classes for a family will be used to determine which discounts may apply.
  • Remember that Apprentice dancers must have 6 ballet classes or one workshop; Novice thru Premier must have 12 classes; and Intermediate thru Elite must have 15 classes to be eligible for the Fall Ballet. Also, dancers taking BCD/ICD/ACD/PTB classes in the summer are eligible for the Fall Ballet.
  • Cards must be turned in at the end of the summer with the Fall Ballet audition form.
  • Summer Pricing

For Ballroom Dance instruction, please contact Darline Miller at 303-353-2789. These are private lessons taught at the Hampden Studio location. Form your own group and get a better rate.

Printable Summer Schedule Information

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 Summer Information Packet
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Quick Links to Dance Insturctor Bios

LZ Amon, Lariza JB Blankenship, Jada PB Brooks, Patti RC Cervone, Renee
MC Cole, Matt JC Costello, Julia SD Dion, Stacey HE Elliott, Heather
BE Eversoll, Barb DH Helma, Donovan KH Helma, Kailyn LH Henry, Lesley
AJ Jessop, Amy RJ Jones, Rhianna TM Miller, Tina SH Miller-Helma, Sabrina
KOM Osterbrock Marcuson, Karen CP Parker, Carrie SS Scheuermann, Stefan BS Schreurs, Becca
RSS Shenk, Reagan AS Stecklein, Andra TS Stecklein, Tyne LS Stecklein, Lori
KW White, Kristin HZ Zanini, Holly

TBD - The Summer schedule is published around mid-March.