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This calendar is used for important dates and as a quick reference. Be sure to check the rehearsal pages for the latest times and dates.

Sabrina Talks Dance

January 09, 2009, by Sabrina Miller Helma

Tyne Stecklein in competition

Competition dance has great value as a training tool for young dancers.  First, it provides numerous opportunities for extra performances as an individual soloist or as a member of a group.  Performing as a soloist has many positive attributes.  It requires a good sense of self-confidence, which increases the more the dancer puts them self out there.  The dancer is…

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November 08, 2008, by Sabrina Miller Helma

Pointe Requirements

Going on pointe is a fun and exciting experience for a dancer but it requires a lot of hard work and discipline.  We require that our dancers have reached Level 5 and prefer that they are taking ballet class a minimum of three times per week.  Dancers must be at least eleven years old and must demonstrate that they have…

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October 12, 2008, by Sabrina Miller Helma

pointe shoes for history

Dancers first started dancing on pointe so that they could appear weightless as if they were floating across the stage.  Ballerinas often dance the roles of magical nymphs and fairies, graceful swans or romantic princesses and dancing on pointe adds to the illusion of these characters.  The long lines they strive to create with their body are stretched even further…

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September 03, 2008, by Sabrina Miller Helma

Importance of Stretch Techniques for Dancers

Sometimes when dancers reach the ages of 11-13yrs old they wonder what happened to their flexibility.  Many dancers can loose up to 30% of that flexibility during those growing years.  In intermediate and advance dancing, the lines of the body become more important to the overall look of the movement.  The goal should be to elongate and strengthen muscles so…

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July 26, 2008, by Sabrina Miller Helma

Sabrina Miller Helma

Welcome to another exciting year of dance!  I hope that you enjoy our new and improved web site.  If you have any problems maneuvering around the site, please write me so that we can better serve you.  I will be using this blog to discuss topics that are important in your child’s training. If you have a subject you would…

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