Kailyn Helma (KH)


Kailyn began dancing at Millers Dance Studio at the age of three and has loved every minute of her constantly evolving dance career. Her desire to share her enthusiasm in dance with others came naturally and she began as a Millers’ teaching assistant at the age of twelve. She has been granted the opportunity to study with many great artists as well as being able to travel the country. After dancing for nearly a decade at the studio, Kailyn developed a unique way of reaching out to students. She has choreographed for Millers competition team as well as traveled and worked for competition companies nationally.

Kailyn’s career changed direction in 2012 when her career moved into the medical / rehabilitation field. After working solely in the rehabilitation field for two years she discovered that giving to others at a local rehabilitation hospital is also close to her heart. During this absence from dance, Kailyn confirmed that her first love is still in the dance community.

She is very happy to begin teaching again for a studio that cares so much about the student’s individual needs as not just dancers, but as people. She feels deeply about sharing her years of knowledge and experience with her students. From her own experiences with injuries, she learned that students need to keep strong bodies and flexible cores to avoid such injuries. Kailyn is a very positive, effervescent teacher and believes highly in developing dancers with strong, flexible bodies. Admittedly, Kailyn’s proudest accomplishment is being able to see her students take pride in their achievements as they grow as individuals and enjoy her classes.